The most common real estate questions. 

How much does it cost to sell my home?

Your Realtor can do a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) to see what they think your house could sell for.  Once they get that ballpark number they can do the Seller Estimate Sheet.  That will show you most of the costs to sell your home.  Realtor fees, title fees, closing fees, etc. 

This Estimate sheet varies from state to state.  This is the process in Colorado. 

I want to buy a home, how much money will I need?

That depends on what type of loan you choose or qualify for.   The most common loans are Conventional, FHA and VA.  They all have closing cost, 1-2%.  Then some of them require a downpayment.  You will also need to set aside money for earnest money, inspection (optional) and appraisal.  

Let's go have some coffee, on me, and I will go into more detail with you! 

How will you find potential buyers for my property?

That is easy, the MLS.  95% of homes are sold through an agent.  Who has access to the MLS.  They will post your home in the MLS, which feeds to other websites (Zillow, Realtor.com, etc)  For me, I also post on Facebook, Instagram, Craigslist and many other websites. 

Whether the listing agent is with a big name agency or small boutique, they all work through the same MLS.  Your relationship with your Realtor is more important than anything else.